Any Hiccups?
…nothing a manager cannot sort out in-store. Just ask!

Got Everything?
It pays to check you have your complete order before leaving your Nordburger store. Our staff carefully check that all orders are filled, but occasionally things could get overlooked. If you find that anything is absent from your order when it is handed to you, the missing product will be included quick-smart. For obvious reasons, our staff are unable to give credit once an order has left the building for any substantial period of time.

Not Happy?
If you are unsatisfied with any food purchased, please return to your nearest Nordburger store with the food in question and a manager will fast-track a replacement of the product for you, or an alternative product of equal value. Our staff are unable to provide cash refunds, but are always happy to replace uneaten product super quick.

We understand…sometimes things happen and it is not possible to follow the above in-store process. If this is the case, please just take a photo of what you wish to discuss, send us the photo in an email and we can take it from there.  [email protected]

Pause For Thought…
Food tastes best when fresh from the kitchen. All our products are made to order with fresh ingredients and taste best when consumed right away. When a hot burger cools down however, it may not taste as good as if you eat it in store, or straight out of the to-go containers that it is packed into. The same applies to fried chicken, nuggets and sides – don’t forget that contained heat will make them sweat until they can’t sweat no more. So if you really need to take your food to go, please try and enjoy the food as close to when you leave the store as possible in order to get the best possible Nordburger experience.

Order ahead?
Did you know that you can satisfy your cravings quicker by ordering ahead? Don’t want to pay inflated Delivery Partner Prices…. then order your take out at instore prices via and pick the time it suits you to collect it. Enjoy!